Okay so recently I have had the unfortunate experience with dealing with a delivery company that goes by the name UKMail. For a delivery, courier company they have absolutely no ability to do their simple task… delivering the actual parcel. So the full story…..

I had been expecting a parcel and was told the seller would be sending it through a courier, secretly hoping they would send it through DPD, which is actually the only courier company I trust. However after about 5 days I received 2 sorry we have missed you cards… both dated different dates of attempted delivery. Funny I had checked the post both days and hadn’t received any card on the apparent first day of attempted delivery. I can only assume the driver forgot to actually try to deliver and just wrote 2 cards on the same day to cover up for his incompetence. So I thought, its okay I’ll use their ‘Manage my delivery’ on the website so I can instruct them to leave with a neighbour. ‘Please enter the sorry we have missed you card number at the top’, I did…. sorry we can’t find that parcel. What? I can’t even instruct them to leave with a neighbour. I decided to send them an email with the 2 different card numbers I had received… luckily less than 24 hours later, I actually had a Consignment number so I could get them to deliver it to a neighbour.

The next day came around and I received another sorry we have missed you…. clearly they hadn’t tried to delivery with my neighbour as the neighbour I had asked them to deliver to had in fact been in all day. Cheers for ignoring my simple request of where to leave the parcel. By this point I was starting to get annoyed so decided I would do the thing I don’t usually do, phone up. Got through to an automated system with options that end up taking you through to the exact same result, ‘your delivery is scheduled for etc’. No matter what sequence of options I gave they just wouldn’t put me through to a real person. I was angry…..

I have discovered that although some companies don’t have a decent customer service on the phone they do seem to have an strong online presence. So I took my complaints to Twitter and messaged their profile, within an hour I had got a response. But because they had the parcel in the delivery network for 5 days I was unable to reschedule another delivery attempt, and the only person who could do this was the person who had organised it in the first place. Luckily I was able to get in touch with him and he supplied them with my mobile so they could get in touch. 2 days later I hadn’t heard anything, at this point I was willing to try anything to get my parcel off them.

Or maybe not

I found out they have a ‘local’ depot 18 miles away so thought maybe I can go and get it. However the only telephone number I could find was the terrible automated number, so couldn’t even ring up to find out. By this point all my colleagues at work were aware of the situation so helped me find a number for the depot. Once they found it excitement grew in the office as I phoned up, expecting me to explode at them…I kinda did… I told them their automated call line was useless, to which he replied “yes I understand that”, and I asked if I could come out of my way to pick up my parcel because a delivery company can’t do the one thing they are being paid to do.

That day I picked up my parcel… luckily they hadn’t damaged it. Although I really shouldn’t have had to go out of my way to get my parcel. Surely a delivery company should have the ability to deliver. Trained baboons could have done the job better….

While searching for a number to call I did come across the reviews online for my local depot and delivery.

1* on yell

1.8* on google reviews

Although UKMail scores decent on trust pilot, obviously my local services  clearly aren’t up to scratch. Hopefully next time they can listen some simple instructions and actually deliver to a neighbour the first time. I just don’t understand how a company with this lack of ability and service still functions….

Rant Over.