Look at the size of it. It’s just ridiculous taking this on to a busy train!

Right why is it that when you’re sat on a train having spent a small fortune for the ticket, do the train operators deem it not necessary to come and check your ticket. Instead they bring that absolute massive wagon cart through every train carriage asking if you want anything from it.

First of all I’m pretty sure that you would actually get more money from the people that have forgotten to buy a ticket, not the 1% of people that want a sandwich and a chocolate bar for a total of £12.70. You’re expensive but not the cost of a ticket expensive. Check the dammed tickets and stop complaining about ticket evaders.

Second, why do you feel the need to bring the trolleys down when there is standing room only on all carriages except first class.
“Could you please let me through”
“Look I would love to move out of your way so you could remove that overpriced crap out of my way. But where the hell do you expect me to move to? Have you seen behind me, there’s no room? I can’t move forward because you’re blocking the entire isle with that stupid bloody truck. Now please tell me what you expect me to do?”
Just do me a favour and think is it viable to force this thing past every single person to get an extra £30 out of it. NO it isn’t, there I’ve answered that for you. Now leave it behind and just check people’s tickets!

People of the world if you’re going on a fairly long train journey and they don’t have an on board café, where it’s set up like a proper tuck shop, bring your own food. You’ll save some money too as a 12″ subway and a drink costs like half the price of a packet of crisps. Now stop the nonsense with the train trolleys it’ll make a much more pleasant trip for everyone involved.

Rant Over!