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In my previous post about the London Icebar I spoke about the restaurant. However the main reason for going to the Icebar London, is the actual Icebar. If you are wanting to go, I would suggest booking early using the links at the bottom as it can get busy. The Icebar is -5 degrees so I wouldn’t advise wearing shorts or mini skirts although some people do it and complain that it’s cold.

As with many Icebars around the world you are given a hooded poncho and a pair of gloves as you first enter. Once inside you make your way to the bar to pick up the first cocktail which is served in a glass made from, you guessed it, pure ice. You only get one of these so don’t drop it. There is a good selection of cocktails to chose from. Some are stronger than others so I would suggest trying a few, another reason not to lose or break your glass as you will need it for refills..

Around the Icebar there are ice sculptures, which are amazing, these change depending on the theme they have at the time. The one that was on when we were there was live animals; there were sculptures such as a giant squid attacking London, a Zebra and a giant gorilla head.

For something different I would definitely give this a go. The atmosphere is fun and unique, the staff are polite and up for a laugh and it’s not hugely expensive for what you get. The Icebar caters for groups too so if you’re organising a party they can accommodate, although it is also nice for couples or individuals.

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To book the Icebar and find out more information use the link below:

You can find a map to the Icebar below.

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