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I am pleased to welcome back a previous guest grumbler who has a problem that many of us have faced before. ┬áThis has been edited slightly from the original so younger audiences can still appreciate the anger this has caused… Continue Reading →

Driving at the speed limit……

Right, why is it some people feel the need to create their own speed limits on single carriageway roads. National speed limit sign, someone thinks its a great idea to drive at 42 mph. It’s 60 just put your foot… Continue Reading →

Empty Roundabouts!

Right why is it some drivers when they pull up to a clear open empty roundabout insist on coming to a complete full stop. Luckily once again I am not the only one who has this particular grumble. More than… Continue Reading →

The elephant race

Right, why is it when you’re on a dual carriage way happily travelling at the speed limit does a truck think it’s acceptable to pull out and overtake the truck in front about 1mph faster. It takes it so long… Continue Reading →

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