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Ok, so KCOM have a product called Lightstream, which offers fibre optic internet meaning you can get speeds up to 200Mbps. However because they are doing fibre directly to the home it’s taking a little longer than normal to get all houses wired up to the new service.

Luckily they have a postcode check which allows you to check if your address is available for the faster internet speeds. I checked my postcode about 4 months ago and was excited to receive this message:

So I got on to the online chat to find out when they could fit the new service. Finally I would be getting some decent internet speed rather than the crap 4-5Mbps I usually get.

They took all my details down to find out when they could fit it, including taking down my password… which appears they store in plain text. Talk about security right!!

After taking down all my details I was notified that Lightstream was not available in my area. Erm excuse me but the postcode checker says it is. Apparently there needs to be more engineering works done so they can process it to the next step. A telephone pole needs to be erected, I was aware as I was watching them put it up 2 days prior. To which they said we need to receive more information back from the engineering team. I asked them to notify me of any changes and left them too it.

After not hearing anything for the next month I checked my postcode again and got the same message. Hmm perhaps the result will be different….

No it wasn’t despite the postcode checker stating that Lightstream is available, it most certainly is not.

Now I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought I would leave it another few weeks. Fast forward to today, about 4 months after the original check, the message on the postcode checker is still the same. Although still no fibre available for my property…. I decided to ask another time about why the message was still there and not something more meaningful to the situation…. “That message is there because it means at some point we will be able to supply Lightstream to your property”. Ohh brilliant cheers, in that case I’m opening a taxi service saying.
“Good news – trips to mars is now available in your area we just need a little chat”. No, being available does not mean in the future….

Just sort out your crappy postcode checker results or actually supply Lightstream to my supposed ‘available’ property!

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