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So, the other day I was just browsing my emails and noticed I had a number of junk emails, which sometimes I do check to see what the inbuilt spam filter is picking up and what do I find…. An email from my favourite Internet provider.

Wow they actually managed to send it with a decent email address that isn’t just Question! However why has this gone to spam? Ohh I see the company in their infinite wisdom have used a piece of Email Marketing Software that looks like it’s most often than not used by spammers…. GREAT!

However bet you’re all wondering what important information that was required to be send using a spam bot. Well only the fact they’re changing my package to be more expensive! Yes that’s right, the company have used a crappy email service to send important price rise information so that spam filters remove it from the inbox and you don’t even know about the price information.
“Why you complaining, all companies increase their prices each year?” I hear you ask….

Well yes, but not by nearly 10%…. They’re upping my broadband package by £4… for those of you good at maths YES my internet ALONE no TV or phone package now stands at a bargain basement price of £50 a month.

The ONLY positive I can find with this ‘new’ package is that I will get faster speeds….

However I can get a cheaper one, £40 a month but it also halves the speed. So tell me KCOM why is there not a middle package… for maybe £45 for 200Mbps, Unlimited data allowance… you know like the package I’M ALREADY ON!


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