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Here is a place where my inner Geek comes out. Have a browse there’s a lot going on in the world of Geek at the moment!

EssCee Art

When I first started this blog and decided on the things I wanted to have on it I was sick of using the default picture for the theme so I wanted to get a better one. BecauseĀ I’m not the most… Continue Reading →

Superman’s Metropolis

Reading the blurb on the back of this comic I was very intrigued as it was very different to anything I have ever read before. It’s set in a different universe, however like most of DC comics it’s quite dark…. Continue Reading →


Just recently I have been asked by a several people “I’m new to comics what would you suggest to start on?” This question is so difficult to answer for any media really, books, movies, tv shows until you know what… Continue Reading →

A funny thing happened on the way to comic con

So last October I went to MCM Comic Con and the journey there was adventurous to say the least. Here’s the story…… I stupidly left a box in my flat, a box that I needed for the weekend, it contained the head… Continue Reading →

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