Right this actually happens on a daily basis, luckily I’m not the only one that gets annoyed by this, on numerous occasions my colleague has said “honestly it’s just common sense”.  So here it is, why is it when people are faced with this type of door (see picture), they all try to use the same door. No matter how many people there are and in what ddirection hardly anyone actually opens the other door, they stand there waiting for everyone to get through or try and push their selves through. JUST OPEN THE OTHER DOOR!

It really isn’t hard to pull or even push the other door open, that way everyone will actually get through the doors faster. It was so bad one day that this small woman literally ran underneath people when they were holding the door open for everyone else. Why didn’t she just wait for everyone to get through the door that one way and then she could walk through the other, we will never know.

Think about it next time to encounter a door such as this, is there people coming through already using one door, can I open the other and walk through it? If yes do it stop the madness with waiting or pushing. Make everyone’s travel through doors quicker and easier, use the common sense you should have been born with!

Rant Over!