Right why is it some drivers when they pull up to a clear open empty roundabout insist on coming to a complete full stop. Luckily once again I am not the only one who has this particular grumble. More than once my girlfriend has shouted at the car in front “It’s clear just move…. ” when coming up to a roundabout. Like can they not look around to see its clear before they get to the roundabout.

“Ohh a roundabout, lets check to see if anything is coming, check, check, check nothing carry on driving”
“Ohh a round about, drive, drive, drive… STOP…. check….. wait, slowly pull off.
Piss off driver behind”

Come on what’s the point just check as you drive up. I’ve heard of this but never experienced it though… the fact the some people deliberately stop hard at roundabouts so you drive in to the back of them and get a insurance claim out of it. Yeah because that’s also a great idea..idiots.

Honestly though let’s just think about it before actually getting on to the roundabout. It’ll save you time, effort, petrol and it will probably be better for your car as you won’t need to use the clutch, brake, engine quite as hard when stopping or pulling away!

Rant Over!