Right, why do some people feel the need to ask stupid questions on Facebook when clearly they have the internet and can just use Google? For example I’ve seen people say “Does any one know what time Aldi Closes”. Like are you serious your on Facebook, you have the internet, you know when people always say “ohh just Google it”, well you know maybe you should?! Another thing as well 9/10 times when they get the answer the people who asked it usually comments back with “Cheers Hun” or “Thanks Babes”

Here let me help you with your question:

I’ve used this on more than once occasion to help people in their quest to find the information they required. But here are some of my favourite topics I’ve seen people ask about:

  • Opening/Closing times of shops
  • Takeaway numbers – seriously if they aren’t on Just Eat or don’t have a website should you even trust them?
  • Movie questions – “Who was the actor in Titanic”, if you know someone who doesn’t know this disown them, they don’t deserve to be your friend. But come on a quick google tells you all you need to know.
  • Directions – you know why ask your “friends” for directions when all you might get is.. “right at the takeaway, down the street”. Word of advice there’s a neat little service called Google Maps that gives you exact directions to the destination you input, maybe you should know use it?
  • Bus an train times… the national rail actually has a pretty good website where you can find exact train times…. even if they’re delayed. Amazing huh, bet your Facebook friends can’t give you that precise information.
  • Stupid everyday questions – that you really shouldn’t even ask on Facebook because you just look stupid. Such as “is Africa a country” or “What is Obama’s last name” – you know those types of stupid questions. If you really don’t know give it a quick search and avoid the embarrassment of being an idiot.

In all seriousness I bet most of your friends are actually just googling the question you’ve asked anyway so it looks they’re the Oracle of the universe and everything you ever wanted in an all knowing, all seeing friend of the Facebook. Why don’t you just cut out the middle man and save time and effort and just search the thing yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you can find out with a simple search. Give it a try… here are some places to get you started:

www.google.co.uk – actually this is probably the only place you’ll ever need!

Rant over.