Making good use of my Cineworld card I went to see Logan last week. Hearing all the fantastic reviews it was getting was making me wish I had seen it earlier. After finding out it was loosely based on the comic Old Man Logan I got a digital copy from comixology for a decent price, however due to time restrictions I have yet to read it.

This is said to be Hugh Jackman’s last outing as The Wolverine so I think I stand with everyone when I said I hoped they would end it well, and didn’t they just. Hugh Jackman was as always amazing in the role of Logan, however this version stuck closer to the feral nature of his comic book counterpart, than any of the other movies have before, the viciousness that this wolverine possessed was what everyone always wished from a film about the most famous X-men.. Patrick Stewart as always was perfect as the older Professor Xavier, portraying the issues Charles is experiencing you actually felt it was really happening. Stephen Merchant’s character was an excellent addition and having him play the character of Caliban was a great selection. He managed to add humor to a fairly serious movie, although it was a shock seeing him as a bald albino.  The other main character, without spoiling it was a character called Laura. The actress they got to play her hasn’t actually been in much before, she was only 11 at the start of filming. She was incredible, for such a young girl to play a character like this was unbelievable. Laura has her own issues, like Logan does. Dafne Keen manages to put these issues and emotions right in to the character, you really feel for her. She will certainly be an actress to look out for in the future.

As you can see from the poster and trailers there is something between the two of them which is expanded on in the film. Obviously the film is centered around Logan and how although he still has his healing ability it’s slowed down, he is showing scars and there is something internally wrong with him. He’s aged and has run away from the feral, X-men part of what made him The Wolverine. The world has very few mutants left and the ones that are left in hiding or are being pursued. In a series of events Logan ends up meeting Laura and embarks upon a mission he never expected, where he must battle his greatest enemy and discovers something about himself.

Would recommend this film to anyone a fan of Hugh Jackman, The Wolverine, X-men or just like to see a man slice open mad guys with metal claws then go and see it.

Next section is a very long plot review, I felt bad leaving anything out so it’s actually really long. Every now and then I switch between using Logan or Wolverine, I have done this deliberately showing the state of mind that he is in at that point in the movie.

Movie Plot With Spoilers

At the beginning of the movie Logan is working as a chauffeur in Texas, trying to save up enough money so that he can move away with Charles Xavier and Caliban, who he is living with at a Smelting Plant near the Mexican border.

On a chance job he is found by a panicked woman who knows he is Wolverine and asks him if he can do a job, Logan shrugs her off and as she drives away he sees a young girl looking out at him in the back of the car. A few days later we find Logan being watched buying medicine from a nurse at a hospital, later on we find out these are for Charles who now suffers from a neurodegenerative disease causing him to lose control of his abilities. The person who’s following him gets in the back of the limo and tells Logan he’s looking for a woman who has something he needs to retrieve. We find out he works for a company called Transigen.

Logan reluctantly takes the job and finds the girls guardian murdered by Transigen. He drives home and tells Charles they are leaving, only just finding out that the girl has sneaked in the his car and is now on the run. Charles tells Logan she is special, that she is a mutant, but Logan doesn’t believe him. Transigen arrives to take back the girl, they shoot her and try to contain her but she has Logan’s healing abilities, and has Adamantium claws just like Wolverine. At this moment Logan decides she needs to be helped and fights claw and tooth to save her. It’s in this scene that you see what the real Wolverine was really like. After they manage to escape leaving limbs and bodies lying scattered on the ground they head to Oklahoma city. That night they decide to look at the woman’s phone where she tells them everything that Transigen was doing, creating new mutants from the DNA of others and growing them to be the perfect soldiers. It is at this point that she reveals that Laura or X-23 is in fact Logan’s daughter as she was created using Logan’s DNA.

They are again attacked at Oklahoma where the Reavers catch them up; they managed to escape because Charles had another episode and ended up freezing everyone in their tracks giving Logan the chance to slowly kill the attackers. While on the road, they are witness to a car accident. They decide to help the family, who offer them food and a bed for the night.

Meanwhile the Revears and Transigen are catching up with them forcing Caliban to use his mutant tracking abilities to hunt them down. However they now have a new weapon X-24, which they hope will stop Logan and X-23. That night they catch up with them at the farm. Logan is away helping the father sort out the water, however Charles is lying in bed expressing his guilt for what happened at Westchester to someone he thought was Logan. However it isn’t Logan and is actually a young clone of Wolverine, he stabs Charles and restraints X-23 taking her to Transigen. Logan comes back and after a fight where X-24 gets the upper hand to begin with before being impaled on by a car, Logan and X-23 manage to escape some help from Caliban who scarifies himself.

Moving on quickly, Wolverine and Laura bury Charles and Laura attempts to hold Logan’s hand he pulls it away quickly. He collapses after beating up a truck and Laura takes him to a medical centre where he wakes up. They get back in the car and it turns Laura is wanting to go to a place called Eden which is referenced in the X-men comics that Laura keeps with her throughout the entire film. Logan finally agrees as they make their way to the meet up point for the other experiments of Transigen. They do find the meet up point and other have survived and made it, each one of them has a different ability. One has a power similar to Iceman another has some sort of telekensis and another has power over plants and trees.

They are heading for the border because once they cross Tranisgen has no power and they will be free. He decides to let them go on alone as he says that everyone he loves always gets hurt. The next day he wakes up and sees drones heading in the direction of the kids. This was the last straw for Wolverine and he uses a serum that he was given which will increase his healing ability but will wear off.

The kids are trying to escape but they are outnumbered even with their abilities they aren’t trained soldiers they are only children. Some manage to put up a fight but they are being taken down quickly. Wolverine roars a roar that can only mean one thing, Wolverine is on the war path, and he swiftly kills the soldiers in his way. X-24 (Wolverine’s clone) is released and they have a brutal battle. Laura eventually kills X-24 with an adamantium bullet that Logan had been keeping for himself. However Logan is already impaled on a tree at this point, suffering from a mortal wound. Laura and Logan share a tender moment while he dies with her in his arms. The children bury Logan with a X shaped tombstone made from sticks in honour of the fallen X-men.