Right, why do people think it’s acceptable to walk in front of you but really slowly. Sometimes you can’t get by them because people are in the way there’s literally nothing you can do but get frustrated. I honestly think that it’s form of road rage but only when walking. Pedestrian rage possibly, walking fury. Yeah that’s it, when people walk slowly in from on me I get walking fury. Honestly the amount of memes and forum posts about this prove it’s a serious issue in our community.

Is it so hard to see that someone is nearly stepping on your toes they are in actual fact a faster walker than you so you could you know let them past or something? It’s really not that difficult an action to do. Simply move to the side and let them through.

It seems to be worse when your on a main shopping street and there is no way of getting around them as there are other people walking the opposite. This really just riles me, then you have to walk in the on coming path of everyone and nearly get taken out because guess what, now they can’t move out the way because the slow walkers next to you just don’t STOP.

If you’re a slow walker, go out when its not as busy so you don’t anger other people who can actually walk at a reasonable pace. If you really need to go out at a busy time, walk faster or let people through.

Rant over!


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