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The Lion King… wow

** There is a photo gallery at the bottom of this post. For those who have not seen The Lion King show and don’t want spoilers of the costumes and sets please don’t scroll all the way down. I have… Continue Reading →

Driving at the speed limit……

Right, why is it some people feel the need to create their own speed limits on single carriageway roads. National speed limit sign, someone thinks its a great idea to drive at 42 mph. It’s 60 just put your foot… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Identities The Exhibition

In London at the moment there is a Star Wars Exhibition called Identities. It’s being hosted at the O2 arena and takes approximately 90 minutes to get around. It has a huge amount of props from the original movies, including… Continue Reading →

Londoners & Tourists

So over the weekend I was in London. I’ve come to the conclusion that Londoners and Tourists don’t mix particularly well. Now being from the North I am in fact a tourist in London however some tourists have no common… Continue Reading →

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

As you can all guess there are loads of attractions and things to do in London, my most recent visit I went to an attraction called Ripley’s Believe It or Not. It is found on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue… Continue Reading →

Iron Fist Season 1

Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist Season 1 came out on Friday and just as it happened my friend from uni was over for the weekend he’s also a fan of Marvel. Since we loved all the other Netflix shows so we… Continue Reading →

Stupid Facebook questions

Right, why do some people feel the need to ask stupid questions on Facebook when clearly they have the internet and can just use Google? For example I’ve seen people say “Does any one know what time Aldi Closes”. Like… Continue Reading →


Making good use of my Cineworld card I went to see Logan last week. Hearing all the fantastic reviews it was getting was making me wish I had seen it earlier. After finding out it was loosely based on the… Continue Reading →

Empty Roundabouts!

Right why is it some drivers when they pull up to a clear open empty roundabout insist on coming to a complete full stop. Luckily once again I am not the only one who has this particular grumble. More than… Continue Reading →

Double doors

Right this actually happens on a daily basis, luckily I’m not the only one that gets annoyed by this, on numerous occasions my colleague has said “honestly it’s just common sense”.  So here it is, why is it when people are… Continue Reading →

The Lego Batman Movie

Yesterday I managed to get to see the Lego Batman Movie and although the girl friend came to the realization that she might be growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was absolutely full of pop culture references and also… Continue Reading →

The elephant race

Right, why is it when you’re on a dual carriage way happily travelling at the speed limit does a truck think it’s acceptable to pull out and overtake the truck in front about 1mph faster. It takes it so long… Continue Reading →

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