I was sent this grumble the other day, there seems to be a lot of research in to this, he doesn’t sound very happy.

My complex and serious grumble against the supermarkets and pharmaceutical industry…

I’ve been ill this week and as a result have read a great deal about the impact of our diet on the body to try and get better. If you’re interested read on, I feel compelled to share some of this despite obviously not been a health professional, so you can look into it yourself and draw your own conclusions. Apologies if I’m just thick and the last to know!..

High Cholesterol is blamed on eating cholesterol in fatty foods. This is advertised all over the products in the supermarket. Your body doesn’t absorb cholesterol directly from your diet however – it is produced in your own liver. Your liver produces higher levels of cholesterol to counteract the effects of too much SUGAR in your diet. Sugar however gets added freely into many “healthy” products such as fruit juices and low fat yogurts.

Margarines & butter substitutes are like plastic apparently, and oils can become toxic when heated for cooking. It’s healthier to cook with coconut oil, butter (made from raw dairy) or Lard.

Heartburn is caused by too much acid in the stomach and the remedy is to take antacids. If your stomach lining is damaged by your diet it can’t produce high levels of acid and therefore struggles to digest food. The food stays in your stomach too long and begins to decompose in the heat. This produces: acid. Heartburn can therefore be caused by too little acid production, and taking antacids makes this worse. If your stomach fails to produce acid you can’t fight off the bacteria in food that cause illness.

Gluten intolerance is true for some people, however gluten free products are on the increase due to the amount of people believing they are gluten sensitive. The reason this is happening is potentially the process of “wheat breeding” to produce crops with higher gluten content, specifically for making bread. Various wheat varieties for other products may now be evolving to contain more gluten. Gluten is simply more difficult to digest and high volumes of it can irritate the digestive system.

Lactose intolerance is true for some people, however for many the lactose isn’t the problem. The problem may be that the pasteurisation process of dairy removes an enzyme called LACTASE that helps to digest lactose. Damage in your system can also prevent your own cells producing enough lactase to aid digestion. You may therefore tolerate unprocessed dairy products perfectly fine and heal your system.

Cortisol is a steroid that your body produces naturally and tends to increase while you sleep to help repair your body. It is at its highest level when you wake up ready to start your day and reduces until you’re tired to go to bed. If however your digestive system is constantly damaged by your diet, cortisol is released randomly by your body as and when it can to try and help repair it, and its presence makes you randomly sleepy or awake throughout the day and night, actually preventing effective recovery.

Problems with your digestive health can create many minor symptoms such as headaches, skin diseases, fatigue, IBS, insomnia, depression and chronic muscle pain. The pharmaceutical industry produces, patents and sells drugs to combat all these symptoms rather than leaving doctors to diagnose the root cause. The underlying causes eventually lead to such things as autoimmune diseases, ulcers, cancers and heart disease. The cause is often the diet and resulting damage by your confused immune system.

The human race has evolved over millions of years to the top of the food chain on this planet, and the most intelligent creature in the known universe, by simply eating what god gave us. Maybe we, the human race, are beginning to do something seriously wrong by conning ourselves to buy our processed food and drugs with the aim of making money (which is something else we dreamed up).

End rant.

Kev C – Goole