In London at the moment there is a Star Wars Exhibition called Identities. It’s being hosted at the O2 arena and takes approximately 90 minutes to get around. It has a huge amount of props from the original movies, including some of the actual costumes and masks worn by the actors.  There is a lot of concept art and models that show you how original scenes, characters and vehicles were originally thought up and designed by George Lucas.

Throughout the exhibition there are information points that tell us about the world, environment and ourselves as humans and how each event in one’s life changes how our life unfolds. You use a head set that given at the start of the exhibition to listen to these information points. The headsets work wirelessly so all you do is stand in front of the point and listen to it. All sections link back to the Star Wars characters and see how different upbringing and challenges can create different characters.

The exhibition also gives you the chance to create your own Star Wars character. You’re given a wrist band at the start of the exhibition then, at each section you are given choices to shape your character. Some points are just a wall where you select a choice others are interactive where you answer questions and your character changes depending on the answers you give.

At the end of the exhibition you can see your Star Wars character and how your choices have changed the character you create.

The props and memorabilia in the exhibition are fantastic; I would definitely recommend this to any Star Wars fan. Prices are £20 for an adult, but to be able to see original props, costumes and artwork that shaped one of the most iconic Sci-Fi sagas it’s definitely worth it.

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