Right, why is it when you’re on a dual carriage way happily travelling at the speed limit does a truck think it’s acceptable to pull out and overtake the truck in front about 1mph faster.

It takes it so long for that truck to overtake the other it’s just so infuriating! My dad nicknamed this the elephant race. Not 100% sure why because elephants can run after than humans…. but even my 1.2 liter Corsa engine can travel faster than these trucks and the one I’m stuck behind is just sat bouncing along in parallel to another truck ?

Honestly it must save them in total 2 minutes. Can’t they just put there foot down a little more and actually get up to 70mph and overtake quickly rather than sitting at 65mph for the next 10 miles. Angering every single driver that’s sat behind them.

Truckers put your foot down or don’t bother attempting to overtake them stay in your own Lane and admit you’ll be that extra 2 minutes….

Rant over!

**UPDATE a friend of mine reminded me that trucks are indeed limited, I did know this but proceeded to explain to him that if they are all limited to a particular speed how on earth can one truck actually overtake the other one? Surely they are limited to the same speed. Just one trucks 65mph is faster than the other 65mph limit?

Update Rant Over **