Okay so this might not be a problem to many people but there is one thing that just winds me up is why so shop bought sandwiches ALWAYS CONTAIN MAYO?? I am allergic to raw eggs, yes I know most mayonnaise doesn’t contain raw eggs any more but I still prefer to avoid Mayo when I can just in case. So imagine how annoyed and angry I am when I go in to a supermarket and want a sandwich and there are all these delicious looking sandwiches such as chicken and bacon, Turkey and stuffing, anything with sausage.. in fact pretty much every single sandwich that actually looks nice. Usually the only sandwich that I can eat is the cheese and pickle and lets be honest that’s not exactly the most exciting sandwich now is it?

This is just one of the culprits. For me this sandwich would be perfect with some BBQ Sauce instead they insist on adding that horrid white stuff which could nearly kill me. Please supermarkets give us some mayo haters some other sandwiches that we can eat rather the the just ham or cheese and pickle.



This however leads me to my next point… When I’m out and about and because of what’s discussed above I don’t buy the shop bought sandwiches I usually look out for a sandwich bar where you can make your own sandwich up and you get exactly what you want in it, even salad without raw onions.  What annoys me about these places….
“Would you like butter on the baguette”
“Yes please”
A few minutes later when I bite in to my sandwich I get a mouthful of what I can only assume is what they call butter but is literally just grease. It’s been caked on to the baguette about 3 inches thick of not butter which is what they asked me if I wanted, no that disgusting margarine stuff Flora or some even worse equivalent.  Okay I can usually handle it when it’s been nicely spread across the entire baguette and its thin so it doesn’t make your baguette or roll too dry but why would you leave it in massive blobs all over the sandwich. And why ask if they want butter when you’re not even going to give them the real deal. Please buy some butter and start putting that on sandwiches or start asking the people buying sandwich if…
“Would you like some margarine on the baguette”


Rant over!!