So last October I went to MCM Comic Con and the journey there was adventurous to say the least. Here’s the story……
I stupidly left a box in my flat, a box that I needed for the weekend, it contained the head of the Bomberman costume I had been working on for about 3 months. It also had a number of supplies we needed for the weekend. I only realised however when the train arrived. So I deliberately missed the train so I could Sprint home to get my box! I was never going to make it! I got home, grabbed my box and got in my car… My sister had blocked me in. I was going to have to manoeuvre around this as well now. I got around it, just and started on my journey to brough.
Speaking to Helen all the time on the phone making sure I would get there on time.
Panicking, sweating, heart racing I drove quickly, making sure I wasn’t going to miss it. I was stuck behind people going at the speed limit (shocking I know it was 6am). I wasn’t going to make it…

My time was ticking away I knew I had to get there and fast. I slipped the car in to 4th put my foot down to over take the annoying car. The corsa revved… It wasn’t happy. I knew he would be ok and forgive me! I saw the sign for Brough train station, the long stay car park it was close. I was going to make it.
I pulled in to the car park I was on time… I grabbed my box locked the car and took a picture of the sign with the info on about paying for parking double checked I could do it over the phone first, I was there, on the platform, before the train I made it!

I got on the train happy to finally be there. I sat down and began to relax. Then the woman came to check my ticket. Can I see your rail card please. Sure I said I was finally calming down.
Then that awful sound one hears when handing over a discount card
” Sorry that card is out of date”
Once again my heart raced, it didn’t even have time to slow down. I was going to die I knew it my heart couldn’t take any more (over exaggeration ut you get my drift).
“well what we can do, I’ll mark it down as seen and when you get to kings cross you need to buy a new rail card”
We agreed! I need to buy a rail card…. Panic over I relaxed till I remembered I forgot to do one thing. The story does not end there.
I still needed to pay for parking. Ohh that long stay parking I flung the car in to, diagonally. That awful parking that you would think a 6 year old parked.
I started the call they took down my card details everything was going well. I wasn’t going to get fined.
Th**k* bzztsss your p**bbzt end **bbzztaas text **@+$+$ beep.
Ohh no did this work I dont know. I would have to wait and find out… Time ticked away, my heart was still pounding I might get fined or worse.
Zzzt zztt that’s my phone. Please confirm your reg number. It had worked the payment was authorized! I was going to make it.. albeit a little more poor than anticipated but with everything I needed to make this an incredible weekend.
So here I am on a train to london writing this story in the hope that one day others will learn from mistakes but still know mistakes can be corrected even when all hope looks lost. There will always be a light in the darkness…….

**UPDATE here was the finished costume and the weekend did turn out to be incredible!!**

Head is firmly on Bomberman is happy